If you want to put me stumped, ask me to name my favorite song of Sparks. From a very early stage of my obsession with this wonderful band I just can’t decide: “When Do I Get To Sing ‘My Way’” or “Let’s Go Surfing”? Yes, both songs are from the album of 1994. So what? In general, I really like the nineties period in the works of Ron & Russell (and it is quite natural for me as a eurodance-fan with seven years of experience :D). And I deeply resent all there comparisons of “Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins” to a “cheerful kindergarten matinee”. What an amazing ignorance! Songs from this album are not funny, you see, especially those songs, of which to me so hard to choose a favorite. Well, I’ve got to write about them in detail, taming my righteous anger directed at the haters of the nineties :Dimage

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On the Asymmetrical Moustache

Photographer André Kertész noted that Piet Mondrian’s toothbrush moustache was trimmed to an angle - a deliberation by the artist to offset his non symmetrical facial features. Ron Mael’s 1979 moustache variation seems like a dalliance, but possibly by design, to complement that splendid asymmetrical haircut.

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First Song of the Month: Sparks and Semen and Transcendence by Will Sheff

When I first saw this I thought it said Will Self and got really excited but regardless, this is a pretty enthusiastic endorsement of No. 1 in Heaven. Nice comments, too. Here’s one worth cutting and pasting:

Thanks for turning my ears toward Sparks. Don’t know how I missed them but am now going to search them out and give them a good listen and dance to. My best to you and your family.
Mr. Woodie
Plainfield School Kindergarten Teacher